Office Mini Fridge Tips and Tricks to Maximize Productivity and Reduce Interruptions

If you’re focused on becoming more productive, talking about using an office mini fridge in your office probably seems like the last possible thing to focus on in order to make better use of your time.

That’s where you’re wrong! I am a productivity geek and have learned that having a mini fridge in my home office is one of the biggest weapons I have in my arsenal in the battle against the most fearsome foe of productivity: distractions.

Think about it: what are the two most common reasons that you stop working on the task at hand to do something else?

  1. You’re hungry or thirsty
  2. You have to go to the bathroom

If you work from home and have kids there, then you’ve got bigger fish to fry (like installing soundproofing!). However, if you have a reasonable amount of privacy from family members barging into your office, and you have only yourself to blame for not being productive enough, then hear me out when I say optimizing your office mini fridge can increase your productivity by at least 25%. 

That’s right: 25%! Here’s why:

Numerous studies show that interruptions erode not only the amount of work being done, but the quality of the work.  Think about that. So if you’re focused on writing, programming, designing graphics, or organizing your finances and then stop every 30 minutes to get something to drink, a snack, use the bathroom, etc., then you are actually lessening the quality of your work!

Of course, it’s not realistic to work for several hours straight with zero interruptions. And regarding using the bathroom: I won’t go as far as suggest that you install a bedpan under your desk. Although, some people have gone this far…


an office mini fridge would have been the sensible choice...

This is going too far.

So let’s focus on what you can do to minimize interruptions in the hungry / thirsty category.

First of all, you need to get a mini fridge. If you’re not sure of which to buy, check out my most recommended office mini fridge that doubles as a mini freezer review.

Office Mini Fridge Tips and Tricks to Reduce Interruptions

  • Stock bottles of cold, filtered water. Enough for your whole day of work. If you’re into health (which I hope you are!) then stock 64 fluid ounces worth of bottles in the fridge.
  • Each morning, stock the fridge with these energy sustaining snacks:
  • Set a kitchen timer or your phone’s timer app to “ding” every hour. At which time, you should stand up, stretch, drink 8 oz of cold water. Every other hour treat yourself to a small snack. This allows you to have sustained energy throughout the day of healthy foods versus eating a big lunch and CRASHING afterwards.

Do you have any other tips for optimizing your office mini fridge for productivity? Let me know in the comments below!


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