Small Fridge and Chest Freezer Accessories That Are Worth the Money

Small fridge and chest freezer accessories are little known items that complement your purchase very nicely. Make sure to add these to your cart on Amazon with your appliance so that you save on shipping costs!

Small fridge

’Small fridges can be used as a mini bar…just not in your office!

Small Fridge Thermometer

The best accessory to add is a low-cost Refrigerator Thermometer. Why? Because you can just slap one of these things on the top of your small fridge, chest freezer, or upright freezer and it will display the internal temperature in an easy-to-read dial. This enables you to glance at the temp when you walk by to make sure it is holding at the correct level.

Features include:

  • Stainless steel design with solid base for setting on top of small fridge or chest freezer
  • 2 inch, easy-to-read dial
  • Temperature range of -20 degrees fahrenheit  to 70 degrees fahrenheit

I recommend this simple, yet high-quality model:

Small Fridge or Chest Freezer Protection Plan

Buying a low-cost protection plan is a great supplement to the manufacturer’s or extended warranty for your appliance. They are inexpensive and offer you peace of mind. Most plans will cover fixing, replacing, or paying up to the original purchase price of your appliance.

Tip: Make sure to buy the plan that covers the purchase price of your item. Most plans have price ranges for the initial purchase.

For a mini fridge or chest freezer, I recommend the Assurant 3-Year Kitchen Appliance Protection Plan ($75 – $99 purchase price level):

Other accessories that you may want to consider for your small fridge or chest freezer are:

  • Milk crates (to organize your chest freezer)
  • Stickers (if you want to be all stylish and decorate your appliance)
  • Power strip with surge protection so that you don’t have a situation where a power bump causes the unit to turn off and spoil food!
  • Rubber mat to set the mini fridge on to dampen any noise from the compressor.




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