Mini Fridge and Mini Freezer in One?! Yes.

Mini fridge or mini freezer? You can have both…

My home office is my sanctuary. It’s where I can shut the door and focus on my work, free from the constant and repetitive distractions of my family. I love them but having that sanctuary to focus on my work is important to me! It actually makes me a better husband and father as working in my sanctuary helps me recharge my batteries and look forward to being with my family again when the work is finished.

A mini fridge completes this picture...

What’s missing here? A mini fridge…

Here’s the challenge, though: the second I step out of the home office I’m hit with SOMETHING, every time. My daughter has a question. My son has a question. My wife has a favor to ask. I love them but these interruptions set me back in my focus on the current project.

So my goal has become to figure out how to stay in my office for long chunks of time. This means: a) I installed a half bathroom in it (for the win!), and b) I am fully self-sufficient with food by having mini fridge. But it’s not just any mini fridge. It’s a mini fridge and mini freezer all-in-one! How cool is that?

Spoiler Alert: This is the model I recommend at the end of this post: EdgeStar 1.1 Cu. Ft. Convertible Refrigerator or Freezer w/ Lock – Stainless Steel

The benefits of having a convertible mini fridge/freezer are:

  • During normal business hours I keep it stocked with refrigerated items such as bottled water, fruit, yogurt, hummus, and vegetables (yeah, I’m a health nut…gotta look good for the beach!)
  • When I am going to be out of the office/not working for a long weekend or for a trip, I switch it to freezer mode to preserve everything inside.
  • It has a LOCK so that my curious son can’t get in there! Because sometimes daddy likes to keep a few IPAs in there at a cold temperature to reward himself 😉

This way I don’t have to empty the mini fridge every time I’m going to be out of town. I just flip a switch to preserve its contents.

Which Mini Fridge / Freezer Combo to Buy?

I highly recommend the model below from EdgeStar. Why? Because:

  1. It is just 1.1 cubic feet of interior capacity. Perfect for a personal-use mini fridge.
  2. It has a LOCK!
  3. It converts to a freezer as mentioned above.
  4. EdgeStar is a very reputable brand that backs its products with a great warranty and customer service.
  5. It looks slick with a stainless steel exterior.
  6. It is a great value buy, being very energy efficient for its size and class.


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