Organized Freezer is Pure Bliss

An organized freezer is a beautiful thing to behold! There’s nothing I dislike more than digging through my freezer looking at bags of unidentifiable green, brown, and red “stuff” wondering what the bags contain, what the expiration dates are, and if I’ll be accidentally poisoning my family if I thaw one out and cook it…

That’s why I have a system in place to that I’ll share with you to help you Organize Your Freezer!

Here are my Top 5 Ways to Organize Your Freezer:

5. Vacuum Seal Produce in Bags

This accomplishes two things: it saves space and it allows you to see the produce for quick identification.

vacuum seal frozen food to preserve freshness

4. Use Plastic Milk Crates for Organizing Your Chest Freezer

This is a must for an organized freezer, especially if you’re organizing your chest freezer. Try to obtain different sizes so that you can customize how the chest freezer is organized. Separate your food into whatever categories make sense. I sort by Meat, Poultry, Seafood, Produce, etc.

Personally, I just bought a Sterilite 16928006 Storage Crate, White, 6-Pack on Amazon to organize my chest freezer.

milk crates create an organized freezer


3. Freeze in Serving Size Portions

Thawing out 10 pounds of chicken in order to cook 2 pounds for dinner leaves you with 8 pounds of thawed chicken. You don’t want to refreeze it, so now you’re either eating chicken for every meal this week or wasting food. Instead, freeze food in serving sizes for one or two people, and thaw as needed. This includes condiments or sauces, too.

freeze food in serving size portions


An organized freezer requires labels. Place an outward facing label on all items in your freezer, containing the following info:

  • Name
  • Quantity
  • Date Frozen
  • Best Used By Date

Trust me. This eliminates guesswork and TONS of frustration.

label frozen food is essential for an organized freezer


1. Use Wood to Create Separators in Your Chest Freezer

Cut plywood or “one-by” pieces to create separate compartments in your chest freezer. This eliminates digging and shuffling through freezing bags to find what you want. Again, separate food by whatever categories make it easiest for you.

wooden crates are helpful for an organized freezer


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